Milestones Software Backup Download Site

This page has backup Milestones Professional  installers and is used when our main download site at is not working.

Note that the .msi files are complete installers. The Update files are just to update an existing complete install of the same version to the latest updated version.

64 Bit Files:

Milestones Professional 2023 – Full Install MSIFull Install EXE –¬† Update
Milestones Viewer 2023 – Full Install

Milestones Professional 2021 – Full Install MSI¬†– Full Install EXE –¬†Update

Milestones Professional 2019 – Full InstallUpdate

Milestones Professional 2017 – Full InstallUpdate

32 Bit Files:

Milestones Professional 2017 – Full InstallUpdate


For older versions, see Archive Downloads